“The Imperial Sunwarriors”

Forget about the SWAT team or the Navy SEALs because the new age Wellness Coaches: the Iron Wolf and the Lonely Wolf creating the first Enlightened Military organization throughout the next level Game Changers with a Conscious Mayan rawfood and Superfood game-changing lifestyle: The best one-man Army there can ever Be!

Instead of staying an almost type one civilization, we will upgrade the Royal Dutch Marechaussee into an Imperial Sunwarriors class of a type three supernatural civilization and upgrade His Majesty King Willem-Alexander into a type four Divine civilization… Like the mystic Edgar Cayce with his psychic abilities (who was Edgar Cayce?).

As the saying goes the Netherlands are small so think Big:

Perhaps than it’s a good plan to upgrade the Dutch society to type three civilization. In this grand vision, in due time, out of all 250 countries and autonomous area’s in the world only the Dutch civilization will be Enlightened then. And after we close our borders and live as highly developed people. For example, as the Atlanteans (Dutch Atlantis Awakening) must have once lived or the Mayans did before they philosophy get erased by the Spanish Conquistador and the Vatican out of history.

But of course we can also start with all the members of the Dutch Royal Family first! If His Majesty King Willem-Alexander is not interested, we can also consider coaching the Russian football team from President Vladimir Poetin and making their the European champions (EK) or Champions of the World (WK). No cure no pay!

In the meantime I will continue to achieve The Global Consciousness Shift because the world economy poses a great danger to our society! Now we have to stop talking and start taking action like the statement by Harrison Ford (Actor and Environmental Activist) at the High-Level meeting of the Alliance on Rainforests during the Climate Action Summit 2019.

p.s. my hidden agenda (who was addressed to Elon Musk) I have sent 14 okt 2019 11:45 as well in a PDF attachment in a Facebook message to the Rijksoverheid (office of the Dutch government).

The Kardashev scale:

This is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication. The scale has five designated categories: a type one civilization – also called planetary civilization – can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the neighboring star, type two can harness the energy of the entire star type three civilization can control energy on the scale of their entire host milkyway galaxy and then there is the type four civilization Kukulkan as the Akasha Keeper & Game Master and the type five civilization HunabKú as the Architect of The United Universe.

From all the Military Beret you can only wear the white Imperial Sunwarrior Beret if you have achieved the state of Samadhi because this state of Being is the highest achievable.

I am very proud that Shunyamurti (Sat Yoga Institute) having our backs. I bow deeply for his true state of Being!

Imperial Sunwarrior Badge

Iron Wolf introduction coming soon:

Lonely Wolf introduction:

I have been living a Conscious tantric Mayan vegan raw & superfood lifestyle for more than ten years now and during this period I’ve set up The United Universe in 2007 and reconstructing the thirteen-moon calendar: the TunUc of the Mayans (the portal of The United Universe), becoming a Raw foodists, practicing Martial arts, Yoga, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta and finally the recognizable teachings from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and the deepening Satsangs of Shunyamurti (Sat Yoga Institute) brought me in Samadhi and for several years back I had a God’s realization and become Kukulkan as the game master.

So whatever this Lonely Wolf is doing I am always in Bliss and regardless wherever I am, I stay effortless in Samadhi. And the beautiful thing is I am That what experience, so I am no longer looking for experiences and this is meant by Lonely Wolf. I wish everyone this Mayan Blessing: In lak’ech ॐ )))

Please travel in the name of HunabKú Kukulkan and the whole universe will bends for you. All mine respect, love and devotion coming your way!

Johan Kukulkan HunabKú

You can reach us via The United Universe

Via The United Universe you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites  )))

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan 

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